12 Best Halloween Haunted House Ideas for Halloween

12 Best Halloween Haunted House Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is a holiday day festival. It is celebrated on 31 of October each year. Adults can also celebrate it with children and can find an excuse to fun. If your are planning to celebrate Halloween and interested in making your own Halloween haunted house, this is the right place for you to get your Halloween haunted house idea. MyQuirkyCreation.com has compiled twelve Spooky Halloween haunted house ideas for you to amaze your children, relatives or neighbors.

12 Best Halloween Haunted House Ideas for Halloween


1 of 12. Trash Bag Spider Webs

Trash bags are great things for Halloween decor. These trash bags can be easily transformed into spider webs to decorate your porch for Halloween. Kids will surly love it. (Via: The Sway)


2 of 12. Scary House Luminaries For Halloween Decor

Making house look like haunted with luminaries is a perfect idea. (Via: Interior Fans)

Halloween haunted house

Creepy Clown Hanging Prop Scary Hanging Halloween Spooky Evil Scary Decor Haunted House Yard Decoration

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3 of 12. Raven Inspired Halloween Porch

This raven Halloween porch idea is easy to make to make your house look haunted for Halloween season. (Via: Create Craft Love)

Halloween haunted house


4 of 12. Monster Front Porch

Making your house front porch scary for Halloween season is fabulous idea. (Via: Craftibilities)

Halloween haunted house


5 of 12. Halloween Pumpkin Arch

Lantern Arch at the entrance of your home can make your house as haunted for Halloween. (Via: Don Morin)

Halloween haunted house


6 of 12. Halloween Pop-up Character

Make cost effective Halloween pop-up character from the stuff in your garage. (Via: instructables)


7 of 12. Floating candles

Floating candles with the ceiling is a great idea to make your house look haunted with the painted tapestry.  (Via: Eating Bender)

Halloween haunted house


8 of 12. DIY Spooky Archway

Making front door of your house spooky with some artificial bones and skulls is a great fun for Halloween. (Via: My Fun Projects)


9 of 12. Scary DIY Halloween Window Screen

These bats and trees give a perfect spooky style to your windows or porches for Halloween. (Via: Lowes)


10 of 12. Cut open glow sticks and drizzle the solution along the edges of patio steps

The glow may be bad for pets and children but surly look a cool idea. Please read up on the risks associated with glow sticks before proceeding. You’ll need black light to achieve the full effect. (Via: The Krazy Coupon Lady)

Halloween haunted house

11 of 12. Black Cat O’Lanterns

Make the entrance of your house haunted with Halloween cats made from Pumpkins. (Via: Sun Set)

Halloween haunted house


12 of 12. DIY Tin Can Ghost Windsock

Use your old kitchen tins for this kid’s related Halloween category. (Via: Chicken Scratch NY)


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