10 Ideas For Quirky Plant Containers To Jazz Up Your Garden

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Have you ever wanted to grow plants in a more friendly way? Forget terracotta. You can use those thing as planters which you normally throw away. Here are 10 great ideas for quirky plant containers to jazz up your garden.

10 Ideas For Quirky Plant Containers To Jazz Up Your Garden

10 Ideas For Quirky Plant Containers To Jazz Up Your Garden


Baskets on the Bike

This is a quirky display. The Baskets on the bicycle has become everyone’s favorite piece of garden art. Each spring you can plant it with new flowers and you can find easily a special place for it in your garden/yard.

Baskets on the BikeImage Source

Tin Cans Idea

Any types of little tin cans are also good for cute garden containers. These tin cans look cuter when you paint them and hang them on a wall or a garden fence. This is amazing and easy job for everyone to create a colorful little herb garden.

Tin Cans IdeaImage Source

Old Tire Planters

What a great and creative idea for Plant Container. This garden planter would look so nice in your own garden. Such an inspiring indoor or outdoor decoration. Isn’t a super cool idea? Kids love to make it too!

Old Tire PlantersImage Source



Old carts are normally used as recycled garden containers and they give garden a great look. Cart find a nice place in your garden for decor. This Vintage Garden Cart filled full with Vintage Wild Flower and garden flower. I love this!

CartImage Source

Old Shoes As Planters

Don’t throw out your old Shoes or welling! Old Shoes are often used as recycled garden containers. Put some herb plants in them for amazing containers/planters in the garden.

Old Shoes As PlantersImage Source

Vertical Crates Garden

If you don’t have big yard or garden but you like plants and flowers here is a vertical garden from old crates idea for you. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Vertical Crates GardenImage Source

Vertical Gutter Garden

Ever wanted to grow plants but you didn’t have enough room for them? This vertical gutter garden is your answer! Best way to grow plants vertical!

Vertical Gutter GardenImage Source

Zinc Buckets

Zinc is always very popular in the garden, and these buckets filled with flowers and herbs would look lovely. Great use of zinc!

Zinc BucketsImage Source 1 & 2

Recycled Barrel Planter

This is a quirky and lush display. So cute and clever idea! It is wonderful and so much stronger idea. This would be a great idea to grow salad leaves or other small crops.

Recycled Barrel PlanterImage Source

Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

Follow this amazing plastic bottles idea for growing small leafy vegetables, herbs and plants. These plastic bottles can be attached to a wooden pallet planter. Amazing idea!

Plastic Bottle Vertical GardenImage Source


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